Welcome to First Grade!

We are off to a wonderful start on an exciting school year!
The following is a list of information that will be helpful for you and your child.

1. News There will be informational notes sent home sporadically about upcoming events or special information. If a note is sent home, it will be in homework folder.

2. Homework Homework will go home nightly. Please look for further information on Parent Connections and Math Home Links. The homework folder should return every school day. This folder is an easy way to monitor your child’s activities, homework, and behavior in the classroom.

3. Birthdays Birthdays are an important part of most children’s lives. If you would like to send a treat for the class on your child’s birthday, you may do so. However, it is very helpful if you would please contact me ahead of time so that I will be sure to allow time in our class schedule. Invitations may not be passed out at school unless every classmate is invited or unless boys send invitations to all the boys or girls send to all the girls. Please consider how your child would feel if he was the person who was left out.

4. Dismissal Pick up your child at on the playground. Students should high five the teacher when their ride arrives. Please send a note if your child is going home a different way. It is our policy to send the children home the normal way they return home, unless they have a note or you call the school. Please do not park in the bus area to pickup or drop off.

5. Progress Updates/Conferences I like to keep you informed of your child’s progress throughout the year. Each day a “Parent Connection” page is sent home with your child and should return with them each day. Please feel free to make any comments on the “Parent Connection” page that you need to. Also every trimester you will get a progress report or a report card. Conferences will be held twice a year; you will get a notice when it is time. If you have any concerns, do not wait until conference time- please let me know immediately.

6. Reading We will be reading many types of literature selections. We will be working within pre-selected themes throughout the year. This should be very motivating to your child and create a great learning environment. I will also be sending short easy books to read at home. Reading each night will be a required part of homework. Please be sure to sign so your child will receive reading rewards! Please set aside 15-20 minutes each night to read with your child. You will be amazed at their progress and enthusiasm. Children, who do well in reading, succeed in school!

7. Book Programs Scholastic Book Club ordering brochure will be sent home every month or two. This is an excellent way to get quality books for your child at inexpensive prices. Teachers receive bonus points for books purchased by children. We use these bonus points to purchase books for our classrooms.

8. Snacks and Water Your child may bring a water bottle to keep in class. Students receive a healthy snack each day after school.

9. Toysat School Please do not allow children to bring toys to play with at school. Many times they are lost, broken or worse taken by another student. The only exception to this rule will be for “Star of the Week” or “Sharing”. Please refer to the parent connection for these special days.

10. R.O.A.R. Awards If your child is caught showing Responsible Actions, Outstanding Effort, Aiming for Success, or Responding with Kindness, a teacher may give the student a ROAR Ticket. These names are called on the announcements daily!

11. Lunch Lunch recess begins at 11:15 and students are called in to lunch as time allows. Then students go back out to play until 12:00.

12. Treasure Chest Students have the opportunity to earn “Brain tickets” throughout the week for displaying exceptional behavior or brainpower. 10 students will be drawn to choose from the Treasure Chest each Friday.

13. Behavior It is expected of all students to treat each other kindly and follow our rules. If we all do this, we will be able to learn and have fun doing it. We will be following a researched based plan called THINK TIME this year. This simple technique emphasizes the seriousness of education and the importance of students taking responsibility for their own behavior. I follow a color card behavior plan, as it is simple for the student to follow. Consequences: 1st Time: Verbal Warning; 2nd Time: Change card to yellow and sit out at recess; 3rd Time: Change card to red and go to Think Time; 4th Time: Call parents and miss 1 day of recess. This is an easy way to monitor your child’s behavior in the classroom. Your child will either have a green, yellow, or red each day. Please encourage them to make a green day excellent!

14. Daily Schedule Below is a brief overview of our class schedule. If you can volunteer, just let me know. Visitors are always welcome.
8:35 Bellwork
8:45 Math
9:45 Phonics Skills
10:15 Writing
11:15 Recess then Lunch
12:00 Reading
12:30 Reading Independently
12:45 Guided Reading Groups and Literacy Workstations
1:25 Specials- Music, P.E., Art alternating days
2:05 Science/ Social Studies Alternating
2:40 English Language Development
3:35 Dismiss at Playground